How to reach your ideal customer on Pinterest


Some businesses see Pinterest purely as an opportunity for free advertising. They pin every single image of every single product from their website. Every time they do some gimmicky promotion they pin ads to every single board on their account. Everyday that promotion is running. They never follow or repin anyone else’s content. It’s not surprising when I come across accounts that have very few followers and very few repins.

The best place to start with is thinking about your ideal customer. The person who you are building your business to serve. Create a list of the words and phrases that they would use to search for your business or products. Sometimes as professionals in our fields, we use technical terms that our customers might not use, so keep that in mind too. Remember, Pinterest is essentially a search tool and text plays a vital roll in how searchable your account, boards and pins are. Using the word from the list you created throughout your account will improve your chances of being found on Pinterest. Next, make sure your boards make sense.

When it comes to board topics, we often see businesses making the mistake of trying to be part of what’s popular on Pinterest even if it doesn’t make sense for their business. For example, even though food is one of the biggest categories on Pinterest it really wouldn’t make sense for Wisdom Pets, a veterinary practice, to have a recipe board. This doesn’t mean that only food related businesses can have food related boards. The boards just have to make sense. For example, home improvement retailer, Lowe’s, does a great job of tapping into Pinterest’s popular food category even though it isn’t really a food related business.

Among it’s many boards, Lowe’s has a board titled it’s grill time. This board not only has pins that link to the grills they sell, but also to recipes that can be made on those grills. What a great relevant resource for their followers. It’s important to keep in mind that you’re not building the Pinterest account for yourself, you’re building it for your business and your business exists to serve its customers. Think of Pinterest as an extension of your customer service. You can do this by creating boards relevant to your business that your ideal customer will find interesting and useful.

A Pinterest account is a collection of boards filled with pins, but what kind of topics should your boards be about?

A good place to look for inspiration is your businesses’ website. Category titles on website often make perfect board titles and you already have content to pin to those boards. Another place to look for inspiration for Pinterest board topics is Pinterest itself. Use the Pinterest search feature for words or phrases related to your business. Take notice of the pins and boards that appear in those results and use them as inspiration for your board’s topics.


Ideally, a Pinterest account will have 10 to 12 boards each with at least five pins to start. While not an exact science, beginning with fewer boards can give the impression that the account isn’t very active and not worthwhile for a user to follow. As you spend more time within the Pinterest community you will find inspiration for new board topics. When it comes to content to pin to your boards, don’t feel pressure to create and only pin original content. In fact, doing so an be considered rude within the Pinterest community. Repinning relevant content from other Pinterest accounts is a great way to bring useful information to your followers and share the love on Pinterest.




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