How to find an authentic influencer for your brand?

Imagine this. We’re sitting in a restaurant, and you say you want to meet somebody who’s really important in business, such as Mark Zuckerberg or Tim Cook. I pick up my phone, find the number, dial, and next thing you know, 20 minutes later, they arrive and sit at our table. You may not realize it yet, but social media is full of such opportunities. If somebody is running their own social media account, then there’s a good chance to get that person’s attention, and, in fact, this happens time and time again.

Let’s look at an example using Google+ to show how we can connect with somebody via a brand page.

Before we share a post, we may add an image as well as plus, and then start typing the person’s name, and then send a message to them saying that this could be appropriate content for them. After you’ve clicked on Post, they’ll receive that message, and hopefully they’ll come to that comment thread and engage on that content.


The same principle goes on Twitter, on LinkedIn, and Facebook as well as on many other sites. Sometimes there’s restrictions of you being able to plus mention or at mention people’s names depending on whether they are already following or already your friend, but hopefully this will give you another tool to help you connect with the right people for you. When you’re building your social network in this way, be aware it’s all about relationships, so make sure you call people in at the right time when you’ve already connected with them or when the content that you’re sharing is absolutely in their interest, and potentially they’re likely to comment, plus one, to like, and even reshare it with the people in their network, which is just going to spread the information even further.

This is great for building your brand and for showing people that the party you’re hosting is one that really important people are willing to attend.

Have a think. The next time that you’re posting, who could you call in and let know that you have information that’s relevant for them? And, also, when you have your comment thread, you can do the same thing. Who else could you invite to the party? Always make it in their interest to attend.



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